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CBC Reflex Hammer

The next generation reflex hammer. Combines advantages of the Taylor, Trömner, Buck, Babinski, and Berliner reflex hammers all in one. This neurological instrument also features an innovative 360° rotation head that easily adjusts to a doctor's individual preference.  

The CBC Reflex Hammer is PhRMA code compliant - medically relevant and practice related. The hammer heads and handle are manufactured in your Pantone® colors. The handle is imprinted with your product logo. Digital renderings are available upon request.

Designed and engineered by Kimetec Medizintechnik GmbH, this professional grade medical instrument features a sleek ergonomic design. The reflex hammer is correctly balanced with the weight in the heads and not the handle. The pointed handle tip is designed to test extensor plantar reflex.

In higher quantities, the CBC reflex hammer is well priced to meet the budget requirements of pharma. Neurologists and general practitioners alike will immediately appreciate the advantages of the CBC Reflex Hammer compared to the more usual "promotional type" hammers.

When it comes to reflex hammers, there is a difference!

Contact us today for more information. Patent pending.
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